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Mangoshake is a creative studio based in Brno. We design narratives and craft pictures in order to produce artistic content.

Our job is to direct, art direct and produce visual artworks using various production techniques, including film, design and computer graphics.

We work closely with clients or agencies from around the world. We are highly collaborative and always strive to deliver original and premium quality visuals.

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Mangoshake, Koliště 21b,
Brno 60200, CZ

+420 606 970 743
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We are always on the lookout for fresh creatives to join our team

Red Bull editions

Product advertisement – Red Bull

As passionate filmmakers, we were elated to embark on the creation of these captivating stop-motion short stories for Red Bull.

The concept revolved around a simple yet intriguing question: What happens when a can is left alone at home? Bursting with boundless energy, the can springs to life and engages in various sports, driven by the exhilaration it brings. The result is a series of entertaining and dynamic narratives that capture the essence of Red Bull’s adventurous spirit.


Design, Direction & Production: Mangoshake, Client: Red Bull

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